JDB Property Media



Product Description Delivery Price
Real Estate Listing Photos 20-30 wide angle, flash+ambient blended, digitally optimized photos. Touch ups & sky replacements included. Mileage charge may apply for properties outside of Johnson County, KS. Next Day $125
Additional Listing Photos 10 additional listing photos. Next Day $25
Aerial Photography 10 aerial HDR and digitally optimized photos. Add-on to listing package. Next Day $50
Day to Dusk Conversion Two daytime photos that are digitally altered to look like a dramatic evening sceen. Next Day $50

Real Estate Listing Photos are only licensed for the duration of the listing and for the original purchaser. For extended licensing terms, please contact us.

Virtual Tour

Product Description Delivery Price
Matterport Virtual Tour Virtual tour and 3D render of property. Branded and unbranded, Mattertags included, "dollhouse" image, Hosted until listing is closed, up to 6 months. Next Day* $150 for first 2000 sq/ft minimum, $50 per additional 1000 sq/ft.
Zillow Virtual Tour A series of 360 photospheres perpetually hosted by Zillow. Next Day $25 per 1000sq/ft photographed, no minimum.

*Most properties will be complete by next day but due to Matterport's 3D rendering service occasionally introducing artifacts or having extended processing times this cannot be guaranteed.


Product Description Delivery Price
Video walk through Steadicam video through property to non-copyright music Varies by project. $100
Video Montage Multiple cut property highlight film to non-copyright music, ~2 minutes long, aerial footage included. Varies by project. $200

All flights are operated in accordance to FAA Part 107 guidelines and in authorized airspace.